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Is makeup can cure?








Why natural makeup is healthier than the chemical?

Cosmetic research have shown that some chemicals used in the synthetic cosmetics for make-up, can have a carcinogenic and allergenic (parabens, talc, artificial flavorings, preservatives). Cosmetic formed from natural organic carefully selected ingredients of vegetable origin, which have not been in contact with pesticides, and therefore contain no inorganic constituents. That's why organic makeup is less risk of allergies and any health complications. These products only nourish our skin because they are enriched with active ingredients and contain minimal or zero doses of synthetic substances. So you do not overload the skin with unnecessary ingredients perfuming or preservatives, which often cause allergy and worsen the condition of our skin. Organic makeup is much healthier, because it works on the skin in a natural way, removing the signs of aging.

Masking imperfections without taking proper treatment never ends well. Opaque sleepers and fluids clog pores, often contributing to inflammation and subsequent acne. On the other hand, the resignation of cosmetics with skin problems seems almost impossible. Fortunately, this is not necessary. Makeup can not only hide imperfections, but to treat them. Struggling with acne and atopic dermatitis, instead of stubbornly cover changes oily fluid is safer to use medicinal organic products. Light sleepers and equalizers thanks to its unique formula will not clog pores, reduce redness and prevent comedones.
A common result of excessive sunbathing are blemishes, spots and freckles, occurring in places sensitive to sunlight. Also, the person making aesthetic medicine treatments require special care and their skin requires special recovery.

Organic products possess both beauty and healing. They reflect light and perfectly correct wrinkles, scars, bruises, skin disorders (acne), blemishes, spots or freckles. Their advantage is natural - are high in nutritional minerals and natural pigments. They do not contain preservatives and fragrances. Therefore, they are recommended for sensitive skin and for allergy sufferers.

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